We see horse riding as a sport, fun, and a way of challenging yourself and your own limits. We believe that our students, especially children and teenagers, need to enjoy equitation and find no reason to feel frustrated. We are confident that success and satisfaction in this discipline derive from being able to vanquish your fears or overcome an obstacle, only then will it be possible to set your sights to winning a western reining competition. We are convinced that playing on horseback is the best way to allow children to learn a discipline and to receive a serious education based on respect for the horse.

In addition to children and teenagers, there are many people who began riding in adulthood and we can help you achieve this goal thanks to the fact that our teaching courses are personalised for each student. All our students must be registered with the I.W.P.A. Sports Association in order to possess complete insurance coverage and an equitation programme suited to each rider’s skill level. For younger children from 3 to 6 years old, we inaugurated the Pony Club section in 2017. Our very well-behaved and patient small horses ensure that the children’s initial approach to the beautiful world of horse riding is delightful.

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Riding School for Beginners

At our Centre, you can learn the basic principles of the equestrian art and gradually approach and understand the animal, overcoming the difference that distinguishes man and horse …


Reining Riding School

Reining, a fascinating element of Western Equitation, can be learned by anyone who desires to guide their horse to perform manoeuvres that confirm the achievement …


Reining competitions

At our Centre, you can aspire to targeted training to participate in Reining competitions, both as a beginner and as an expert rider. If you like to challenge yourself …

Riding + Accommodation Formula (riding school)

At our Centre, you can spend the weekend or longer periods by taking advantage of our Riding + accommodation formula, including a full-immersion horse riding experience while staying at the Cascina Madama in a small independent apartment.

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