At our Centre, we organise Summer Camps dedicated to children, alternating horse riding with games and educational activities. During the Camps, children can spend entire days in contact with horses and other animals. They will carry out the most varied outdoor activities, such as taking care of the farm animals to discover the rural environment in an atmosphere of fun and games or treasure hunts, group games and swimming in the pool. A typical day at the Camp involves equestrian activities and games in the morning, followed by a lunch break and rest on the hammocks and more games in the shade of our beautiful trees and swimming in the pool for everyone in the afternoon. The Camp activities take place from the end of May to the end of July and are divided into weekly groups. We also offer Camps during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

During the year, the green spaces at our Centre offer the possibility to hold Birthday parties, first horse riding experiences and various kinds of outdoor events.

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Hospitality for full immersion Riding periods

Our Centre offers the possibility to stay in the Madama farmhouse with the Riding + Accomodation, formula. This opportunity is offered to those who want a period of Full Immersion Riding and to experience rural life in the equestrian world. The activities available, in addition to those mentioned, include stabling, grooming lessons, farriery and veterinary services and working the horse on the lead line.

  • The accommodation is independent and consists of an open plan kitchen, a bedroom with television and a bathroom.
  • We are able to accommodate up to two guests and the minimum stay required is three days.
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scuola di equitazione
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