Our Centre offers all the services needed to best manage your horse. These services consist of the following structures:

  • 23 x 50 metre indoor fenced Arena.
  • 40 x 90 metre outdoor fenced Arena.
  • 20 x 40 metre outdoor fenced riding school area.
  • Indoor horse walker with a diameter of 18 metres.
  • Horse washing area.

Our comfortable Club House, equipped with a snack bar serving hot and cold drinks, is available for breaks where you can have a chat with friends or relax in peace. A tack room is available to clients for the storage of harnesses and saddles. A large and convenient parking area safeguards your car during your stay at our Centre.


Our facilities are immersed in the greenery and multitude of trees that make up three-quarters of the 7-hectare premises. Our clients and visitors are transported to a quiet and relaxing oasis where they can peacefully spend their free time devoted to horse riding.

We look forward to your visit to respond to any request that you might have

Q.H. Training


Led by the professionalism of our Trainer Andrea Visigalli, we train our foals by observing their individual potential. This means that the training is not pushed in an exaggerated way, especially if …

Reining Competitions


In addition to training your horse, our staff can guide you in the exciting world of equestrian competition. We can assist and, more importantly, train you to participate in moderately …

Western Riding School

lezioni di reining

Riding is a fun hobby and sport, for both adults and children, as well as being a way to escape from everyday stress. You can immerse yourself in the surrounding environment …

Horses for Sale

cavalli da reining in vendita

Sooner or later, there comes the time when every rider wishes to purchase their own horse. This is an exciting yet delicate moment because you may risk making the wrong purchase decision …

Horses Stabling

cavallo in pensione

Our Centre offers you the possibility to leave your horse in retirement. We accommodate horses in the indoor stables or, on request, in the outdoor paddocks where they are provided …

Summer and Winter Campus

lezioni di reining

At our Centre, we organise Summer Camps dedicated to children, alternating horse riding with games and educational activities. Furthermore, we organise birthday parties …